Project Proposal – Final Major Project

Good morning!

After a sleepless night writing I have finally finished my project proposal for my collection. It’s been a long night, really hard to resist watching my cat cuddling between my pillows in my bed, but with the right amount of coffee I managed to finish it.

Time to take a shower, have another coffee and I am off to uni!


“A man who is not a communist at the age of 20 is a fool”

Yair Lapid

My target for my final major project is to create a number of garments inspired by the communism in Eastern Europe and the impact that this regime had on people, combining it with the Sacred Geometry, a concept that was prohibited at that time.

Communism was about restraining the freedom, creating and keeping everyone under the same pattern, the working class was under a strict surveillance that was neutralising any attempt of individualisation.

Apart from the appearance and any personal style, another thing being prohibited was religion or any other personal beliefs regarding divinity.

In the Eastern countries the communist regime had a great impact and even after more than 20 years the influence of it remains present.

Growing in a post communist country had a big impact on me as an individual and from my experience I know that sometimes this concept is misunderstood this is the reason I want to renew it and bring it back under an updated structure.

My concept revolves around the idea of combining the cold and dark illustration of communist buildings with the magical and divine interpretation of the Sacred Geometry.

Since the communist buildings instil a monumental, oppressive and cold feeling, the warmth and glow of the sacred symbols associated to the Sacred Geometry are enhancing the monochrome idea but softens it in the same time; combining it with certain geometric shapes that have a sacred meaning will be my way of presenting it and bringing it back to attention for the young audience today under an updated and enhanced form.

The type of individual and my targeted audience I am aiming to design my collection for are men and young men that adopt a minimalist, sober and dark but clean look.

My collection is dedicated to a specific type of person that is broad minded and restrained in the same time.

The sobriety is represented by the coldness of the communist buildings and the open minded, self improving side and psychological side being represented by the colourful details of the Sacred Geometry.

There are a number of designers and companies that I use as inspiration for specific parts of their work. One of the designers that I can relate in terms of style, customer profile and marketing campaigns is Alexander Wang. The targeted audience is similar to the one I am aiming to, his Fall 2014 campaign is one of the campaigns that inspired me the most and

this certain campaign represents exactly the type of individual I am targeting in my collection.

Ichiro Suzuki is another designer that inspires me with his way of constructing and manipulating a suits shape in terms of tailoring, patterns and prints.

In terms of tailoring and commercial fashion, Tom Ford’s clean cuts and patterns are an important influence for my designs.

As for the manufacturing and part of my collection I am planning to keep the designs simple, straight and structural. For the details I want to use colorful embroidery, trims and finishes.

The concept itself is a clean and simple one. I will not be using prints, but I will try to find fabrics that replicate certain textures (concrete, metal, glass).

I am working out to design and create very well tailored and perfectly fitted pieces, embellished with embroidered geometric shapes in certain sides of the garment.

Besides the fact that I come from a post communist country, my main idea for this project commenced during my placement where I have worked with pattern cutters with over 20 years of experience in the industry and I want to apply and improve my skills that I have gained during this internship, this collection being a challenge for me as I want to produce some perfectly fitted garments.

The place of my internship had an important role for me into choosing this theme. Over 60% of the buildings in Bucharest were build under the communist regime and living there during my placement inspired me to create something related to this subject.

As primary research I visited many communist buildings around Bucharest and The National Museum of Art and I am planning to continue my research about communism and the Sacred Geometry (books, magazines and blogs). I will toile as many garments as possible because I want to work more on the mannequin, this very challenging for me as I usually design on paper and I want to develop the ability to experiment and design more on the stand.

Regarding the details inspired by the Sacred Geometry I researched trend reports and colour predictions on the WGSN website and I am leaning towards the colour of the year – Pantone Greenery 15-0343, which I have researched further, green being the colour of life symbolizing the renewal, growth and ambition.

What I want to achieve with my collection, concept and by bringing back the communist times under an updated form is to prove that any negative element can have a beautiful side and I want to translate it into the clothes I make, the exact way I see it.



Wish me luck!


Ioana A. Cimpean


Summer Holiday in Romania

As probably everyone knows, I am Romanian and as I said in an earlier post, I will spend the summer in my home country doing an internship. I packed everything, I’ve sent 120 kg of clothes earlier this week to Romania, I left my baby (my cat) at one of my friends place and I am all ready to go. I am overly excited so I probably won’t be able to sleep tonight.

Ioana C.

Puffy Skirt – Summer Outfit Inspiration

Good morning everyone!

I have just finished a summer outfit  that I had on my wishlist for a while but I never had enough time or the right fabric to do it.
I recieved a fabric few weeks ago as a present and I never thought I would use it, but because I was sooo bored while my boyfriend was away for a week, that I’ve decided to get creative.
I used around 4 metres of fabric for the skirt as I wanted it to be a big volume. The matching top is a actually a simple pattern made out a beautiful fury beige fabric with a small detail made out the same fabric as the skirt.
Yestarday I did a photoshoot wearing just the skirt, a denim shirt and some simple black sandals.
It’s an alternative way of wearing a puffy skirt to make the outfit a bit more casual.








Grey denim shirt – H&M
Light blue with gold details skirt – my own design (available on different colours – orders via e-mail)
Black strappy sandals – Giuseppe Zanotti


Label samples

Today I received my sample labels from Beautifully British Labels. I wasn’t sure what design will work the best so I requested this samples 3 days ago. First of all the company is amazing, they sent them over in less than 3 days.
This is the envelope I recieved


I opened them all on and now it’s even harder to decide which one I like the most


I managed to narrow down to top 3 but I still can’t decide…


Some help? Opinions?

Ioana A. Cimpean

Black and Grey obsession [Ro & Eng]


Buna dimineata!

Nu cred ca mai este nevoie sa mai mentionez ca eu personal am inspiratie si ma concentrez mult mai bine in timpul noptii. Aparent se numeste: “Nyctophilia”.

In aceasta seara planuiam sa vizionez “Dior and I” (Un documentar din 2014 cu niste reviews foarte bune). M-am decis sa intru pe aplicatia Pinterest pana cand se incarca filmul. Nu a fost cea mai buna decizie, avand in vedere ca am uitat de film si am petrecut 3 ore dezvoltand o noua obsesie.

Negru in combinatie cu gri.

Mereu mi-au placut tinutele “all black” si am mai purtat negru in combinatie cu gri intr-o tinuta, dar simt ca in aceasta seara ceva s-a schimbat.

Combinatia aceasta de culori, in opinia mea, este extraordinara. Alb si negru intr-o tinuta casual de zi este putin plictisitor uneori, iar pentru a purta ceva alb, un top, camasa, pantaloni sau fusta si in special o rochie alba este destul de complicat si greu de intretinut o zi intreaga fara a se murdari. Sunt studenta si in viata mea de zi cu zi, printre intinsul pe jos prin studiourile de la facultate, cafeaua take away din autobuz, caietul de schite A3 si geanta imensa care nu lipseste niciodata, este destul de greu sa strecor si o piesa alba in tinutele mele, fie ea bluza/camasa sau pantaloni albi.

In cele 3 ore petrecute pe Pinterest am salvat si selectat cateva imagini pe care le-am combinat in tinute, care mie imi plac foarte mult. Sper sa va placa iar daca aveti sugestii sau intrebari ma puteti contacta pe e-mail sau in comment box-ul din josul paginii.



Good morning everyone!

There’s no need to say that I have inspiration and  I focus better during the night. Apparently it’s called “Nyctophilia”


I was planning to watch “Dior and I” tonight and I decided to browse some random images on Pinterest while my film was loading. That was a bad move! I spent 3 hours on Pinterest and I developed a new obsession.

Black and grey.

I loved all black outfits for a while now and I did wear black and grey outfits before, but tonight something bigger happened.

I think the colour combination is brilliant. Black and white is quite boring in my opinion right now and wearing something white, a top, trousers or skirt and especially a white dress can be quite hard. I am a student and in my daily routine of crawling on the floor in the studios, having a take away coffee in the bus or walking while I carry my A3 sketchbook and usually a huge handbag, there is no way I could wear a white top or some white trousers. A black and grey outfit can easily replace a black and white outfit.

I gathered some style inspiration images and from tomorrow I might be wearing this colour combination for a week or so.


Milles shoes – Asos
Cluse watch


Zara boots
Mansur Gavriel – Lady Bag


Sole Society – Tote Reversible Campbell Bag
Valerija Kelava – Cerutti
Adidas – City Series – Black Velvet

Hope you guys like the outfits I tried to put together in these pics.
If you have any suggestions or questions please leave them in the comment box or e-mail me.



Final assessment

I have officially finished with my last uni assesnent for this year! One hour ago I had my final assessment and I can actually say that hard work pays off.
After handing in my portfolio and my sketchbook and after quite few sleepless nights I wasn’t able to analyse everything as I wanted to.
I got to uni around 9 o’clock today and by mistake I found out that my live session with my tutors was scheduled for today, not tomorrow. There was a small error in the system but I was lucky enough to be around as I was planning to do some adjustments on some clothes.
I think I have never been so proud about a project I’ve done ( I’m always saying this…)
I didn’t get any negative feedback and my tutors gave me some very useful feedback.

Now let’s just wait for the grades! 😀

This is all for now, but I will come back with a post about an amazing jacket I’m working on right now!

Ioana A. Cimpean

Leather Bra – Mood and Design Boards

Goooooood afternoon!

Since I finished uni last week and I don’t have anymore classes to attend, I try to keep myself busy.

Lately I’ve seen sooo many interesting designed bras worn with see through shirts and of course I wanted to do something like that too. I had some black leather left from the shirts I made and I decided I had to do something with it.

I made this mood board and a design board for it and nooow I’m going to start doing the bra.



Ioana A. Cimpean